• The Darkwolf

    Hey. My name is The Darkwolf, and I am the chief admin here.

    As you might know, RPGWiki has gone through many a-periods of stagnation. Recently, I proposed an expansion of scope and scale, to include althistory, conworlds and stories. This proposal has been passed, and today we have another vote: for a new name and URL.

    Possible names:

    • Creativity Incarnate (creativity-incarnate.wikia)
    • Imagine Project (imagine-project.wikia)

    In the end both of these are cool sounding (to me). So, vote for one of these two, or create a new name and URL (check if it's available in the create a wiki window first).

    Go ahead. Don't be shy. Comments are awaiting you below.

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  • Manglytyg

    You know how when you are Role-playing, no not that type of role-play in your head, get that type of thinking out of here, and you want to do really well, but you freeze, you have no idea what you are saying and then you look worse than your grandfather in underpants. So here are some steps to not look like a dumb idiot on RPGS.

    Step 1 : Get your game face in.

    That's right show me your game face. You must be prepared and ready to RP. You must be confident and precise. Not doing so will end badly and you will again look like a idiot on the RP forum which is the last thing you ever want to do.

    Step 2 : No thinking bout that Ass

    Basically don't detract yourself. Destractions are good but idiot looks are bad for RPS

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  • The Darkwolf

    This is a blog for myself.

    • Complete retheme
    • Make chat skin
    • Complete the guides and the other policy pages
    • get new user base
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  • CardBoss14

    Legends of Aferraron

    April 30, 2014 by CardBoss14

    This roleplay is based off of a story I've written Densetsu no za Okami. The characters you can use must be animals. That leaves you with a lot of flexibility. The characters in this world have mysterious powers known as 'Hissatsus'. These powers allow them to control up to two of the seven elements: Wind, Water, Earth, Grass, Fire, Light, Darkness.

    In this roleplay, there are several main areas (So far, only two...). You can make more as long as they do not take place in space or anything of the sorts, I'm trying to keep this realistic (yet fantasy-based):

    - Aferraron: A small forest with quite a few secrets to hold. The leader of the pack of wolves and other such animal species here is Zero the wolf.

    -Kasai Mountain: An ominous mountain where…

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  • Pschycron

    Aurin Coe: Infinity War

    February 16, 2014 by Pschycron

    In the far future of the planet Aurin Coe, is inhabited by five civilizations inhabiting five different timezones: The lawful vaur; the merciless and violent khol; the peaceful nex; the highly-advanced reungh and the hive-minded inge.

    Once living in peace, the nations are now in a total war, across the planet and through the ages. Aided by time-travel, the civilizations do battle not only in the present, but in the past and future aswell.

    Choose your civilization, and conquer all of Aurin Coe, past, present and future.

    Choose from the five civilizations of Aurin Coe, each with their own personal abilities, bonuses, strengths and weaknesses.

    • Vaur. The lawful vaur have week offence against enemy infantry, but cannot be bribed by enemies. They ca…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    This is a reboot to my old time RPG, Gangs Tribe and Clans RP, I hope it goes better than the original did. There are some changes though, instead of being mideval times, this will be a 30s to 80s Mafia Gangster/Redwall RP, same plot, rules and what not, but with a new theme, and missions will be endless and fun, if there are any questions can be asked or any idea or suggestions go on My Talk Page.

    Mm I noticed the Wiki has been a little slower than usual, so that means this RP might be on the verge of closing O.o

    The gangs, tribes and clans of Mossflower Woods are fighting for territory over the land; some joined forces and made an alliance. Some groups cause havoc, and terrorize the residents of Mossflower as the fight for control rages on…

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  • The Darkwolf

    Wiki Leadership

    February 11, 2014 by The Darkwolf

    Dear users,

    I have handed over wiki leadership to Nikolai Banks.  I myself am no longer a Bureaucrat.  The Wiki council now consists of Psi, programmer, Ork general administrator and Nikolai Banks, Supreme admin.  If any user  abuses his adminship, contact either Niko, or Wikia Staff.

    Goodbye fellow users, please do not be angry at me for this.  It is because I can no longer be active on Wikia because of my own life.

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  • $17

    (Can't think of a more proper title yet)

    Another random RP made out of boredom and random ideas popping into my head. This RP takes place in a fantasy world (unsurprisingly) where you go around fighting monsters and other enemies like you usually do in these RPs. Doesn't seem like much, though something interesting might pop up and happen at some point if you just have a try at this RP.

    • Standard wiki rules apply.
    • No OP or Mary Sue characters.
    • No meta-gaming
    • No excessive/unhelpful complaining.

    • You start out in a certain portion of the world this RP takes place in with only your basic starting weapon.
    • You will eventually level up and find better items and weapons.
    • Death is not permanent and final. (Hopefully)

    • Warrior: Tough, fast and hits best at clo…

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  • The Darkwolf

    New Wordmark

    December 5, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    As you may have noticed, I've added a new wordmark.  I'm not sure if it fits, but, its better than what was there.  Also, I plan on editing the CSS, however the new 'Special:CSS' is impossible!

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  • Phineasfan34


    Demetrius: I think 2013 has been great.

    Phineas: Well you've only been alive for a month so...

    Demetrius: I'm just being polite for the camera

    Phineas: Since when did you learn about being polite? I thought you were a grim guy

    Demetrius: What?

    Phineas: Well unfortunately the problem is there isn't any audience

    Demetrius: Oh well

    Phineas: I'm pretty sure Someone was supposed to be on today

    Demetrius: They're busy

    Phineas: How would you know? Your barely a fiction character

    Demetrius: I developed a consciousness

    Phineas: Ha! Yeah right

    Demetrius: no really

    Phineas: But that's not possible

    Demetrius: Yes it is

    Phineas: Well that's your problem then. I thought we were supposed to talk about Christmas


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  • Phineasfan34




    Bucket of red paint.

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  • Phineasfan34


    Name: Wyton Avergen

    Team: Blue


    Speed: 7




    Bucket of blue paint.

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  • Master Shadow Warrior

    Axquiartel RPG

    November 22, 2013 by Master Shadow Warrior

    The Age of Plenty has ended in a tide of blood and death, as the world is reforged anew to start the Age of Survival.

    Humanity, shattered and broken from the loss of so much, now arrives on the Island continent of Axquiartel to start a new life from the one they lost. Out of this springs many tribes, each seeking control of resources and food, even Axquiartel itself. Will you lead your tribe to its glory? Or its destruction?

    • This is an Rpg that allows you to create a tribe in the early days of the Age of Survival, to be a part of the war to survive. Your objective is to simply allow your tribe to survive in this harsh world, peacefully or not.
    • Your faction may die, depending on your choices and what you do in this harsh world. This can happen …

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  • Phineasfan34

    Survival Tests

    November 19, 2013 by Phineasfan34

    Once There are at least 5 Players, They will each get about 10 Challenges to earn coins which they can spend on Items in the shop. After the challenges are complete The Players will enter a arena and fight to the death under the watch of Demetrius --->

    No Trolling
    No Invincibility
    No Swearing
    Don't die
    Have fun


    Dagger:(Get 1 free at the beginning) 3 coins

    Throwing knife: 4 coins

    Saxe Knife: 5 coins

    Short sword: 7 coins

    Recurve Bow: 7 coins

    Longbow: 10 coins

    Broadsword: 10 coins

    Longsword: 10 coins

    3 Arrows: 2 coins

    Allies(Unusable in final Battle):

    Swordsman: 9 coins

    Bowman: 9 coins

    Genovesan: 11 coins

    Horse: 10 coins


    Lion Morph Crystal: 20 coins

    Dragon Morph Crystal: 30 coins



    Proffesion: (Sword, Dagger/Knife, Bow, Crystals etc)


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  • Phineasfan34

    This is a Multiplayer game. In this RPG the goal is to Eliminate the other team by killing its members while surviving In The Wilderness and gathering weapons and supplies from Hidden Chests.

    No swearing
    No Ridiculous or Impossible actions
    No invincibility

    Each Player must Choose a Starting kit for his/her character to start off with. There are two teams -Red and Blue- with 3 players each. Once There are 6 Players with their signatures on the sign up sheet and their characters at my talk page, The game will start. Whoever Signs for a Team first is the Leader and Will get a blog page with the team members and kits.

    Attack Example: When you are attacking Something/Someone do this pattern - I Shoot/Slash/Stab (Name of person/animal)s (head,leg…

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  • OrkMarine


    November 12, 2013 by OrkMarine

    Allrightey, I have some of these "choose your own adventure" pics, mainly from /tg/. I'll post my first one here, if it gets good reception I'll post more. Please enjoy:


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  • THEObserver


    November 5, 2013 by THEObserver

    They call this place..

    Place of Death and life

    'This place was 'a place where Souls went after death and was the Secret. At the moment of death the soul was separated from the corpse, taking on the shape of the former person, and was transported to the entrance of Death gates. Strange creatures itself were described With powerful and strange appearence. It was considered the dark counterpart to the brightness of Death, and was the Kingdom of the dead where Every soul would found Way to get in heaven.

    But Legends are just simple lies? This question was never answered. until one great hero Cocrus Found out Way to get in Underworld. Underworld was Place of Death where was gate of life, Behind gate was Heaven and everything what human desired. Cocrus…

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  • The Darkwolf

    Battle Age II

    November 4, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    After many comments on the faults of Battle Age I by MSW and Ork I've decided to start from scratch. I've founded Battle Age Wiki so we have a bit more background story than before aswell.

    The plot is very different than the original and hopefully more interesting..... Caan the Navigator has discovered Perdoran.... The Kingdom of Sarkif wish's to form an empire in Perdoran..... But the Perdoran natives have other ideas... And somehow the Vino have managed to get mixed up in things! Choose your faction cleverly or, DIE!!

    There will be ten levels. You can join the Vino at level three. Each level there will be new classes for each faction.  The name of a class is its name.  The weapon is its starting weapon, Extra Skills are extra skills and Des…

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  • Nikolai Banks

    Act as Your Avatar

    October 26, 2013 by Nikolai Banks

    Remaking an old RPG a friend from long time ago made, some of you might of remembered this old RPG, and some of you might not remember, this RPG was made to honor the person who first created the RPG, as some of us will remember as Jadefang.

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    But, if you must know what this RPG really is about, then I'll explain.

    We fight against each other. Or go on a grand adventure somewhere. Whatever's the rage in RPG's.

    What are our characters?

    No profile needed! If your avatar is a dragon, then your character is a dragon. If you avatar is a man, then your character is a man. If your avatar is a book, then... your character is a book.

    Etc. etc. etc.

    You get the idea.

    1. Follow the main Protocol.

    2. You can only have one character at a t…

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  • $17

    Dimensions: The Dark Places

    October 21, 2013 by $17

    I have now decided to write down my first RP on this wiki. It may not be so original, probably more of a "free time RP" conjured by my boredom and deep thinking. Now anyways...

    Dimensions: The Dark Places is an RP inspired by Quake 1 and Doom, and takes place in a future where humanity combats interdimensional monsters and horrors with a special force of troops. You play as one of these troops, and it is your job to fight the creatures off and explore other dimensions, hopefully to find allies as well as newer (and better) ways to combat the interdimensional threat.

    • Standard wiki rules apply.
    • No OP or Mary Sue characters.
    • No meta-gaming.
    • No complaining, especially if it is excessive.

    • Your character starts out as a lower-ranked troop at HQ.
    • Gamepla…

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  • Nashog

    The Grog Tree

    October 16, 2013 by Nashog

    Welcome to the Grog Tree so get a branch and order whatever you want.  The owl at the counter will get you whatever you want and I believe I stocked it with enough none food for birds of prey. Go have fun now get into a fight or two and be entertained by Laird Bosie McScutta of Bowlaynee singing Red Jemmie. (Bosie is a hare from Redwall)


    Any character from any fantasy world is welcome. 

    No breaking the wiki rules except for being OP.

    If you kill someone they can always come back no matter how torn apart and dead they are.

    This has no plot what so ever so do whatever you want.

    If you are OP make sure it works and remember it is just for fun.

    No Rock Music.

    If you want to put up a drawing of the Grog Tree please do.

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  • Avetzan1

    The Meta RP

    October 15, 2013 by Avetzan1

    This is an experimental roleplay game I am making during the wait for my larger project named "Arcadia".

    In this roleplay will be many different genres. Although the main factor is that you can play meta and will often need to. So lets slap the label "meta-fiction" on there.

    There we go.

    Anyway, on to the main parts:

    This is "experimental" for a reason. Everyone who will be joining will be playing the same character. It will be teamwork through a single body. Effectively, the character will be at the mercy of several different minds that aren't even their's. Like having schizophrenia.

    How this will work is that each player will post a comment below to do an action/thought/dialogue/whatever and it will be chosen in order of "first come, first se…

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  • OrkMarine

    The Siege of Sethak

    October 15, 2013 by OrkMarine


    The city of Sethak, once it was the capital of the mighty Radarian Empire but is now the final bastion of humanity as the war comes to its gates.The rumours of a powerful Dreddok artefact in the cities crypts have grown and many factions have come to claim what they can, will the walls and warriors of the Empire hold against the onslaught or will they fall and the city of Sethak be claimed by another.

    My new RP, set in a fantasy universe where a heap of factions have beseiged a city in hopes of gaining a powerful artefact within it. I know the story and factions are pretty generic, but this is just a RP to pass some time …

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  • The Darkwolf

    Wiki Update

    October 12, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    We need to finish what Ork and MSW started - the cleanup.  To start with I've updated the theme.  It looks pretty awesome, but there is still a lot to do.

    1) Add more guide and help pages.

    2) Get more RPG's.

    3) More users.<

    4) customize some more.

    5) A wordmark.

    Some of these will never be finished (particularly 3 and 4), but we can certainly get some more activity here

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  • The Darkwolf

    Battle Age

    October 12, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    Here, at long last is........BATTLE AGE!!!  

    My newest and (hoepfully) best RPG.  Its not yet completed as it will be more complicated than any of my other ones.  Get ready! 

    "Long, long ago, there was a land known as Perdoran...  It was time of trouble, mercenaries and assassians where common.   It was Battle Age.  The Age of eternal battle.  Many great warriors traversed the lands in hope of finding a safe haven.  In a way, they did.  The caves of Isilizk were open to them, but soon after things started going wrong.....  Tunnels vanished and appeared elsewhere.  It was not long before the small band realised that they where the caves.  You, the player must decide the future of Perdoran.....  Get ready, and enter BATTLE …

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  • The Demonic Wolf King

    A Gentle Smile By: The King of Wolves Daniel

    It is calm, kind, loving, and peaceful the smile of a friend or member of your family. If I had a dime for every smile I have reserved that made me feel better I would be the richest man in the world. I love those who give from their hearts and do not expect anything in return. I see the gentle smile as a way to say live in peace and as a way show no harm. BUT if you use this as away to harm or to cause pain it will end badly for you for no one will ever trust your smile and that can kill.

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  • The Demonic Wolf King


    September 23, 2013 by The Demonic Wolf King


    My fear feeds my pain.

    My pain feeds my anger.

    My anger feeds my inner demon.

    But my fear also feeds my hope.

    My hope feeds my love.

    My love feeds my inner angel.

    My soul is cut in two as the world shatters around me.

    The two halves of my heart are nourished by fear. I am a wolf of hope but what is hope without fear. May the being in your hearts be of love, hope and, peace. The animal that you love the most is the being in your heart, the word that you use to describe it is much harder to find. Trust me for I spent many, many moons to fine that I was a wolf of hope, and whether you are a wolf or a deer, a fox or a rabbit, or any of the millions of other creature on this world I hope that the world will not shatter you as it crumbles and f…

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  • OrkMarine

    Final Light

    September 23, 2013 by OrkMarine

    This shall be my new RP, and one that I intend to actually go through with. This one will be a tactical survival horror style RPG where the players will control a survivor in the on set of a global apocalypse.

    Have fun, Ork

    • No OP.
    • No mary sue.
    • No complaining if you die.
    • No coming back if you die, their will allways be a way to survive in dangerous sitations and only extremely stupid actions will get you killed off.
    • Follow wiki rules.

    Yes, this is a zombie style RP, but as these aren't gonna be the standard walker style zombies I thought I would explain them out in dot point form.

    • They are nocturnal. They do not come outside during day BUT can be found inside buildings if their is no light shining on them. Light does not kill them, but they will do…

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  • The Darkwolf

    Aliens ~ RPG

    September 22, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    I've decided to revive our original RPG, Monsters, but with a twist..... hehehe (it sci-fi this time around!)

    Now, there is not too much plot to this RP, mostly just go around killing aliens thing, but here is a basic plot-line:

    From the purple planet they came, THE ALIENS......  You, the player must kill as many aliens as possible before being killed....  

    All normal rules.

    If you die, your dead. 

    Godmodding is ok, but be warned...

    That is it!

    • Blaster Man
      • Very good with Blasters, +2 ranged points.
    • Laser Assassain
      • Very good with laser knifes, +2 stealth, -1 strength.
    • Pilot
      • Gets a ship.

    You get 10 points to start.  Killing aliens gets you more.   This is what you can put the points for:


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  • The Demonic Wolf King


    September 17, 2013 by The Demonic Wolf King

    Gama is a land that has been ruled man, demon, angel, and animal kinds. However the races are not friendly at all times and war is common. there are four sub-races, and three demon clans. Gama has 8 territories all of which are different. The territories are set not by treaties but by the land itself. The land’s names are in Di-onic (the language of demons) and are listed as fallowed.

    Sinsona (sun and sand.) This is a desert land that eats away at the Torron moutons. Hentona Kinto (or Grand Swamp.) Kinto is humid and hot in the day and cool at night. It is said that at the center of Kinto is a spring that can cure any illness and hex. (Side note, this is one of the only places that Dragon demons live, it is said that they like to be by them…

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  • The Demonic Wolf King

    ==Phantom and Raven By: Demon J. Wolf==

    ==Phantom: *He is walking in the snow.* *He hears a sound and looks in the place that sound came from. He sees a young girl. She had silver hair, a long wolf like tell, pointed ears, yellow eyes, and an old looking dress on.* Raven: *She backs up slowly from the one eyed man with black heir and wearing a long black leather jacket.* Phantom: Do not worry young one I will not hurt you. *He walks over to her slowly.* Raven: *She looks away as he reaches out his hand to her.* Phantom: *He gently moves her hair out of her face.* You are a wolf girl are you not? *He kneels down in front of her.* Raven: *She looks at him, still with fear in her eyes.* Y-yes I am. Phantom: Your okay you are in good hands. *H…

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  • The Darkwolf

    Flaming ~ RPG

    September 13, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    This is just until my main RPG is ready.  Have fun!

    Deep in the Spacer territory a lone warrior returns from a mission.  The Spacers, thought they are not aware are in the gravest danger.

    You, the player must save a whole faction from destruction.



    Rank: (no higher than 'Captain)



    And anything else you want.

    Goreg is a fantasy/sci-fi universe which I've created.  I'll post more information on the CU later.

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  • The Darkwolf

    News and stuff

    September 7, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    My computer was broken for awhile, thats why I've not been on the wiki.  Now on too some interesting stuff.

    Creative Universes Wiki is in WAM (this is what WAM is  Creative Universes is only 50 or so pages bigger and has less users than we do.  I think its reseanable to try and getinto that list.

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  • The Darkwolf

    UserTags added!

    August 30, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    Today after much trouble I've added UserTags (!!!!  While I still have too customize them, its a start and they look awesome!  Here is an example of them in action User:Scourge of Hatred.

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  • Lord Clathor The Second The Ruler of Nothing

    Sup,I am anew user here.Im gonna explain was Roleplays I like .3.


    Sci fi


    Steam Punk

    I actually do a lot of Roleplays.These are just my favored ones.

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  • The Darkwolf

    I've updated the gallery layout!  Please check it out and tell me what you think!!! 

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  • The Darkwolf

    Darkfall ~ RPG

    August 22, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    The Galactic Empire has fallen too the alien armies.  Only the Union of Arak remains.  They are slowly weaking the alien army.  Will you abandon humanity, or save it? 

    This is a SCI-FI RPG, not Fantasy.  Thank you.

    1. No breaking of the main rules, except that you can swear, albeit in small quantities and words such as f*** are still pretty much banned......

    2. No Over powerful characters.

    3. No insulting other users outside of the Rp (inside is fine).

    4, No turning against your team (MSW listen)

    What the names says, normal.  Does not start with any weapons, gets a bit of money, is good at thinking etc.

    A volunteer fighting in the Union of Arak.  Starts with a few weapons.

    Probably the best class.  Pilots a small (ish) spacecraft, gets less weapon…

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  • Master Shadow Warrior

    The Arena

    August 22, 2013 by Master Shadow Warrior

    This is just a short quick RPG, just to give me time to think on Nylosos.

    The Arena, a place of death, rivalry, and blood. This is where races from all over the galaxy shed there blood for the ultimate prize, survival. Men, and other such races, face off against beast's of all planets, each other, and even the judgment of the crowd. You could be teamed at one point, then fight each other in the next. There are no friends, only enemies.

    • No Mary Sue's
    • No Op Characters
    • No more then one character, as this is meant to be short, if you die you die for good.
    • Follow wikia rules

    Humans: Biologically enhanced, these people have a wide range of skills and are considered the Jack of all trades, being pretty average in a aspects, strength, stealth, and agili…

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  • The Darkwolf

    Best RPG of the Month

    August 20, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    So now we have more (3) RPG's for best RPG of the Month Contest!  Anyone can post there thoughts in the comment section! Admiral of fleetAnd proud! 17:31, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

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  • OrkMarine


    August 20, 2013 by OrkMarine

    This blog will just be a place for me to write down any ideas I have for my future RPG's, some of these may never be used while other will, it all depends really. Feedback on my ideas would be very apprecated.

    This will be a combat based RPG just for fun, Im not really sure on this one as the idea may seem a little stupid. But basically here it is, multiple players will RP as soldiers or something of the sort and will need to work together to hold out against an onslaught of enemies. This could be in many different genres, sci fi, modern, medievil, zombies, fantasy, alot of things. Basically it'd be focused on preparing defences, combating enemies and a bit of strategy.

    This one will be based around players setting up colonies on some distan…

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  • Observer of Worlds


    August 19, 2013 by Observer of Worlds

    Dark is a 'zombie' style universe where the sun does not emit light, only warmth and the sufficient energy needed, so this was the perfect opportunity for the demons to start taking hosts, which gave the victims a invulnerable skin which can only be broken by light of any kind, it also makes the victim slower and destroys a lot of brain capacity, so a victim only has limited motor skills and loses the ability to speak and have feelings. The demon completely takes over all functions and show no remorse. Also the demons cannot survive when it is ordinary night, because they need the nutrients the sun gives, but they also are destroyed by light as they are a being of complete darkness so that leaves ordinary night open for resource gathering …

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  • The Darkwolf

    Goal: Fifty Pages

    August 17, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    I would like too have fifty pages for November 1st.  Everyone needs too help.  We have currently 37 pages.  I'm hoping for 40 by tommorow.  

    A list of pages that are needed:

    A few that only I can make

    A few more Galleries

    Maybe some character bios?

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  • The Darkwolf

    I came up with this idea when I looked at all my useless sci-fi and fantasy images and I thought of uploading them to the wiki.  We will have different galleries.  I've started one (Sci-fi Gallery), it would be great if people could upload more images too that one and a new one.  Please tell me your thoughts on this!

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  • The Darkwolf

    RPG of the Year

    August 1, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    As there are no new RPG's for this month other than, Rise of Tesdern and Fall of the Empire I will post a poll here, please vote for which one is your favourite. The winner will go against Sarradin in Peril RPG for the title of 'Best RPG of 2013'.

    Best RPG of the Month Rise of Tesdern Fall of the Empire

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  • Scourge of Hatred

    The Razkail Universe is a dark and strange place. Who are you in this wide and great universe? Are you a conquerer, a Raider, or just a average civilian of some Xeno Empire. Will you rise to the challanges you face, or will you be crushed by them? Will you fall to your knees in the rebirth of the Mal'rak, or push them back into their graves? Fall or Rise, Live or Die, Rule or be Enslaved. You decide, your fate and everyone else's is in your own hands!

    This RPG, and the universe it is featured in, is created by myself Scourge of Hatred. This RPG will focus in the "Modern Times" of the Razkail Universe right about when the Mal'rak are reborn. This RPG, and it's characters in it, will decide the fate of the everyone, including the Engima known…

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  • Master Shadow Warrior

    "Sarradin is in chaos, the old empire has fallen to invasions to the north, and the failure of its leaders. Now, the people are on the verge of taking up arms against this once mighty state, and there are fears that a civil war may come. Now, it is up to you, the RPer's. Shall the old ways of the empire still stand? or shall it be replaced and rebuilt anew"

    This RPG, created by me, Master Shadow Warrior, will determine the course of history for my nation on the Creative Universes wiki, The Sarradin. I am new to all this so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

    Follow the wika rules

    No OP charaters

    This is medieval fantasy so no modern weapons and only magic if your charater is part of a certain descent. (more info on that below.

    When creating your…

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  • Bluestripe the Wild

    I will be largely inactive from June 29 to July 10. Don't have too much fun while I'm gone!

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  • .Dawnshadow

    Kingdom of Nords

    June 14, 2013 by .Dawnshadow

    This is a roleplay inspired by The Elder Scrolls series, mainly Oblivion.

    In the time before Oblivion gates opened, and a hero had risen, there was a kingdom of Nords over in the province of Skyrim. It was located at Whiterun, and it was covered in snow, constantly affected by snow-related natural disasters. It was formerly all Nordic, until outseiders started to settle.

    1. Normal rules must be obeyed!
    2. No insane enchanted weapons and armour.
    3. No modern weapons.
    4. No Mary Sues at all.

    • Mostly Nords
    • Dumner (Dark Elf)
    • Wood Elf
    • High Elf
    • Redguard (Human with darker skin tone)
    • Imperial (Human)
    • Khajiit
    • Argonian

    • Name
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Personality
    • Armour/clothing
    • Weapons
    • History
    • Description
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  • Mouth of saron

    Star wars RPG

    June 13, 2013 by Mouth of saron

    The New Order

    As Luke Skywalker rebuilds the Jedi order, he has no time for dealling with the master minds of crime.

    So he as called apon you to become a knight and help him

    1. Wiki rules apply

    2. No turning to the dark side(this rpg is ment for the light side i might make  dark side rpg if people like this)

    3. No over-powered characters




    Mon Calamar (fish people)

    If usure about what these look like you can search it up on here


    Double Lightsaber

    Light Whip

    Guardians-fight more then use the force

    Sentienals-a sub-class of guardians they take the fight to the enemy  and usually use 2 lightssabers

    Sage-sub-class to jedi consular they use the force more then knights

    Shadows-they use the or…

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  • The Darkwolf

    Monsters! - RPG

    June 5, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    A RPG based on Raymond. E Feist's works and The Lord of the Rings.

    Deep in the forests of Azer orcs and worse pour out on the four kingdoms.  A small band of warriors has been formed to deal with them.  Will they suceed?

    1. Follow the wiki Rules

    2. No invincible chars

    3. No modern weapons!

    4. No swearing

    5. No Mary Sues!!!!



    Capital Yoldern

    The Empire of Tesdern


    Capital Revon



    Capital Utarn



    Capital Vrel







    7.History (optional)


    9. Nation

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