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This RPG has been archived. Go play something else, while you're waiting for this one to be completed.

Welcome to EARTH, a real time strategy (RTS) RPG set in the current day. In EARTH you create a nation and play as the absolute ruler of it.

How to playEdit

EARTH does not have usual RPG rules. From the time that the game starts, this RPG will exist as a sort of alternate universe of real Earth.

Real timeEdit

EARTH will be played in semi-real time. So, 1 normal day = 1 EARTH week. Because of this, EARTH requires player dedication. Any player that has not posted in ten days will lose their nation, unless they claim 'time off', in which case another player will take temporary control of their nation for them.


COMING SOON Anyway, here are the statistics of each nation:


United States of Scandinavia (The Darkwolf)