As part of a recent wiki project, current or former administrators have written humorous guides to the wiki, and Wikia in general. We hope you enjoy this article, but try too keep in mind that this a light-hearted series of guides, designed to be fun to read.

Hello and welcome to my guide on Socialism. Socialism, also known as Communism, Marxism and Tryrannyism (among others) is a system of government where everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others. In other words, it is a glorified version of real life. Unfortunately, we don't talk politics here, so we shall be talking about another type of Socialism, that of Wikia's Social Functions.

What are social functions?Edit

Social functions are events of parties which usually involve wine, and food and conversation. But, as mentioned earlier we are looking at Wikia's social functions. You probably know what Wikia is by now, but if not, here is an explanation: Wikia is the tyrannical overlord of all wikia wikis. The staff are actually lovely folks.

Back to Wikia's Social Functions. Contrary to common sense, these are not wikia themed parties and events (though those do exist), they are in fact functions for interacting with other users, and getting to know them. No wine, no food, but lots of conversation, and memes.