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This RPG takes place throughout the Titanic's tragic main voyage


Deep in the forests of Azer orcs and worse pour out on the four kingdoms.  A small band of warriors has been formed to deal with them.Will they suceed?


This is a RPG based on Thorns Rise of Civilisation and LOTRYOK.

Zombie SurvivalEdit

This RPG will take place in a zombie apocalypse and will largely focus on survival. There will be food, fuel and ammo and even things like crafting and such, because of this I will have to plan all the items first so im not making it up as I go along.

Kingdom of NordsEdit

In the time before Oblivion gates opened, and a hero had risen, there was a kingdom of Nords over in the province of Skyrim. It was located at Whiterun, and it was covered in snow, constantly affected by snow-related natural disasters. It was formerly all Nordic, until outseiders started to settle.

Star Wars RPGEdit