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The Tavern, a wonderful place at the heart of any seedy Fantasy town or village. Filled with booze, noise and music, it is the perfect place to relax after a long day's work.


The plot of The Tavern is simple: You, our adventurous farmer or fisherman or other common man/woman arrive in the Tavern after a long day's work, and with a terrible thirst. You call for some decent beer carrot juice, and get drunk in the company of your fellows. The occasional brawl, broken window, and beer spill make for the perfect atmosphere.


In case you didn't already understand, this RPG is for having fun (usually while drunk). The classes are user created and adjustable, so you can be a fire-breathing dragon one comment, and an invisible ninja the next.

Character Creation ProcedureEdit

To create a character, just use italics, tell us who you are, and start RPing in the comment section.


Unless you haven't guessed already, this RPG is non-standard a place to chat, [I] hit person x on the head with a frying pan and have fun. However, things can get nasty here, so don't read on unless you are prepared for the dreaded PG-13!