The Monsters or Indoth universe is a Fantasy world, which is the setting for a number of RPGs, and (hopefully) stories in the near future.


The Indoth universe was created along with the first Monsters RPG - the aptly named Monsters!. It was a typical fantasy RPG, with elves and dwarves and beer and taverns, and was quite the hit. There have been a number of failed reboots of the RPG, the most recent being Monsters: Storm Team. After the change from RPG centric wiki, to creativity centric, the Indoth universe was created. It draws influence from the Lord of the Rings, and most high fantasy novels.



The Monsters universe is inhabited by many races, though in more modern times many of these have died off.

Previously, the following races where commonly found:

  • Elves - a tall proud race, mostly extinct, or mingled with humans.
  • Dwarves - mortal enemies of the elves, Dwarves are short and stubby. They are in fact a precursor to the human race, and as such are very benevolent towards men, as they regard them as their 'children'.
  • Orcs - orcs and their various child races such as goblins and trolls are collectively referred to as 'Hell's Spawn', and are generally looked down upon by the older, more civilized races. Nonetheless, orcs are not evil, and are actually one of the more civilized races on Indoth.


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