As stated in the rules, you must be 'approved' by one or more administrators before you can start creating material on the wiki.

NOTE:  You don't need to submit one to play in an RPG, post comments, use chat or any other social function, thought if your grammar/spelling is terrible and if you spam/troll/post stupid comments etc, you will receive a notice to stop.

What is Approval?

The user approval system was installed to help cut out badly written, and fanfiction articles and RPGs. We don't expect you to be the next Dickens or Shakespeare, but we do expect you to uphold a certain quality of writing.

We don't want something really crappy with things like "the rules are this  you must not be too profaner".  Because of that, any new user should submit an approval.  So, what is it?  An approval is a piece of text.  Yup.  Thats an approval.  But, in your 'approval' you should explain your RPG or story in detail (example: My RPG is based on the Lord of the Rings.  In it you will play as either a hobbit, a dwarf or a human.  You must also choose a class.  The clsses are as follows: Warrior, Barbarian, Archer, Assassin).    You also need to explain your previous RPing experience, and do say if you need help! 

Where do I submit mine?

You should submit your approval in the forum. As said above, it should contain a basic description of your article or RPG and your past experience with writing and Wikia.

If you need further help, contact one of the admins! Have fun at Imagine Project!

When your submission is approved you should receive a message like this:

This user has been approved on the 12/10/2013 by User:The Darkwolf.

NOTICE: This is still under construction. Please ask the admins for more help.

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