I have now decided to write down my first RP on this wiki. It may not be so original, probably more of a "free time RP" conjured by my boredom and deep thinking. Now anyways...

Dimensions: The Dark Places is an RP inspired by Quake 1 and Doom, and takes place in a future where humanity combats interdimensional monsters and horrors with a special force of troops. You play as one of these troops, and it is your job to fight the creatures off and explore other dimensions, hopefully to find allies as well as newer (and better) ways to combat the interdimensional threat.



  • Standard wiki rules apply.
  • No OP or Mary Sue characters.
  • No meta-gaming.
  • No complaining, especially if it is excessive.


  • Your character starts out as a lower-ranked troop at HQ.
  • Gameplay largely consists of the fairly straightforward and general typing of your actions.
  • A "sanity/corruption system" is in use within this RP. Basically, your character has a sanity or corruption level that can be affected by the presence of more powerful creatures or more "hellish" areas. So watch out for it.
  • You lose if your character dies or goes completely insane. But you can make a new one, you might get a penalty or a bad start though.
    • However, there is a chance that your character may become corrupted and fight for your enemies instead, in which you turn to their side.
  • As your character completes missions, performs actions and fights enemies. They will be rewarded experience. They will gain a level once they reach a certain amount of experience, which increases their integrity and capability, as well as their resistance to insanity.


There are three classes of troops to pick from, these are:

  • Ranger - Quick-moving all-rounder. Jumps higher than the two other classes and can jump even higher with a rocket launcher. Starts out with a light, semi-auto shotgun and a small axe.
  • Enforcer - Tougher than the two other classes and an assault specialist, but not as maneuverable. Starts out with a basic laser rifle and a combat knife.
  • Caster - A class better suited to support roles. Trained to harness and utilize magic from the dimensions. Starts out with a basic plasma spell, a basic defense spell and a small staff with a blade attached. Has the potential to be the most powerful, but take note however that this class may be more susceptible to corruption than the two others due to the nature of most magics.

Making a character

Simply fill in these spaces:

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Class:

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