(Can't think of a more proper title yet)

Another random RP made out of boredom and random ideas popping into my head. This RP takes place in a fantasy world (unsurprisingly) where you go around fighting monsters and other enemies like you usually do in these RPs. Doesn't seem like much, though something interesting might pop up and happen at some point if you just have a try at this RP.



  • Standard wiki rules apply.
  • No OP or Mary Sue characters.
  • No meta-gaming
  • No excessive/unhelpful complaining.


  • You start out in a certain portion of the world this RP takes place in with only your basic starting weapon.
  • You will eventually level up and find better items and weapons.
  • Death is not permanent and final. (Hopefully)


  • Warrior: Tough, fast and hits best at close range. Starts out with a pair of Steel Gauntlets. (Punch things dead)
  • Priest: An all-round class with a decent expertise in both the mundane and magical, whose faith gives him certain special and unique abilities and traits. Starts with a Short Mace.
  • Hunter: Specializes in striking from a distance and/or ambushing. Starts out with a set of Throwing Daggers. (Daggers can also be used in melee)
  • Wizard: Not the most mobile class, but the Wizard can become particularly powerful and is the most skilled at magic and can choose to specialize in using certain elements of magic. Starts with a basic Azure Wand.

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