This roleplay is based off of a story I've written Densetsu no za Okami. The characters you can use must be animals. That leaves you with a lot of flexibility. The characters in this world have mysterious powers known as 'Hissatsus'. These powers allow them to control up to two of the seven elements: Wind, Water, Earth, Grass, Fire, Light, Darkness.

Aferraron and the surrounding areas

In this roleplay, there are several main areas (So far, only two...). You can make more as long as they do not take place in space or anything of the sorts, I'm trying to keep this realistic (yet fantasy-based):

- Aferraron: A small forest with quite a few secrets to hold. The leader of the pack of wolves and other such animal species here is Zero the wolf.

-Kasai Mountain: An ominous mountain where the demon lord, Kasai, is said to reside. This place also belongs to Zaku, an antagonistic canine with mysterious abilities over any animal species.

Character Sheet

1) Name

2) Animal Species

3) Hissatsu Elements(s)

4) Personality

5) Group/Allegiance

6) Bio/History (optional)

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