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"Sarradin is in chaos, the old empire has fallen to invasions to the north, and the failure of its leaders. Now, the people are on the verge of taking up arms against this once mighty state, and there are fears that a civil war may come. Now, it is up to you, the RPer's. Shall the old ways of the empire still stand? or shall it be replaced and rebuilt anew"

This RPG, created by me, Master Shadow Warrior, will determine the course of history for my nation on the Creative Universes wiki, The Sarradin. I am new to all this so forgive me if I make any mistakes.


Follow the wika rules

No OP charaters

This is medieval fantasy so no modern weapons and only magic if your charater is part of a certain descent. (more info on that below.


When creating your charater, it has to be part od one of these three descents, they will influence the start of your story and may help you make different descitions.

The Sejuuk: The Sejuuk live to the deserts to the south, and are well respected people, regarded highly with the nobility 

The Sarrin: The Sarrin live in slums in the main cities, a person choosing these guys will start off a not so well off person .

The Thmunjii: The Thmunjii are the only 'legal' magic users in Sarradin, choosing them will mean you have access to magic.

The Aradin: The Aradin are the ruling classes of the failing empire, you will be a more well off noble if you choose this Descent


You can have any sort of medieval weapon you want, but only those in Thmunjii have access to magic.


If you want further reading on this universe to get to know some more of its lore and such I have a link here