This RPG is considered dead. It has been abandoned by the author. No more comments may be posted on this page.

This is just a short quick RPG, just to give me time to think on Nylosos.

The Arena, a place of death, rivalry, and blood. This is where races from all over the galaxy shed there blood for the ultimate prize, survival. Men, and other such races, face off against beast's of all planets, each other, and even the judgment of the crowd. You could be teamed at one point, then fight each other in the next. There are no friends, only enemies.


  • No Mary Sue's
  • No Op Characters
  • No more then one character, as this is meant to be short, if you die you die for good.
  • Follow wikia rules


Humans: Biologically enhanced, these people have a wide range of skills and are considered the Jack of all trades, being pretty average in a aspects, strength, stealth, and agility

Shezeen: Quick and fast, these alien's have been described as shadow men. They are able to move quickly, and can be difficult to see at full speed. However, if they are caught in a melee fight...well...they are as good as screwed.

Jallaks: Strong big brutes, that have a favour for big heavy weapons. There greatest strength is there massive bulk and strength. However, they are easily confused and disoreintated, makeing it easy for stealthy characters to attack them...if they can stay out of the Jallak's reach

Nyalon: a strange race, coming from obscure reigions of space. These are masters of illusion, able to take the shape of anything, however not phisically. There strength resides in their ability to fool opponents. However, they are pretty weak, and not very fast.


Weapons will be given to you at the start of every match, and will be different everytime to add variety.

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