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    Star wars RPG

    June 13, 2013 by Mouth of saron

    The New Order

    As Luke Skywalker rebuilds the Jedi order, he has no time for dealling with the master minds of crime.

    So he as called apon you to become a knight and help him

    1. Wiki rules apply

    2. No turning to the dark side(this rpg is ment for the light side i might make  dark side rpg if people like this)

    3. No over-powered characters




    Mon Calamar (fish people)

    If usure about what these look like you can search it up on here


    Double Lightsaber

    Light Whip

    Guardians-fight more then use the force

    Sentienals-a sub-class of guardians they take the fight to the enemy  and usually use 2 lightssabers

    Sage-sub-class to jedi consular they use the force more then knights

    Shadows-they use the or…

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