This RPG is considered dead. It has been abandoned by the author. No more comments may be posted on this page.

Welcome to the Grog Tree so get a branch and order whatever you want.  The owl at the counter will get you whatever you want and I believe I stocked it with enough none food for birds of prey. Go have fun now get into a fight or two and be entertained by Laird Bosie McScutta of Bowlaynee singing Red Jemmie. (Bosie is a hare from Redwall)


Any character from any fantasy world is welcome. 

No breaking the wiki rules except for being OP.

If you kill someone they can always come back no matter how torn apart and dead they are.

This has no plot what so ever so do whatever you want.

If you are OP make sure it works and remember it is just for fun.

No Rock Music.

If you want to put up a drawing of the Grog Tree please do.

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