Dark is a 'zombie' style universe where the sun does not emit light, only warmth and the sufficient energy needed, so this was the perfect opportunity for the demons to start taking hosts, which gave the victims a invulnerable skin which can only be broken by light of any kind, it also makes the victim slower and destroys a lot of brain capacity, so a victim only has limited motor skills and loses the ability to speak and have feelings. The demon completely takes over all functions and show no remorse. Also the demons cannot survive when it is ordinary night, because they need the nutrients the sun gives, but they also are destroyed by light as they are a being of complete darkness so that leaves ordinary night open for resource gathering and movement between safe zones. but beware, because once a demon is inside a host it is much stronger and CAN survive night.


No Real People. (Flexible rule)

No OP Characters.

The Altered, (the zombies) can ONLY be killed when there is a light source on them, so a flame weapon would be a double whammy.

Make sure you say your role within the group or it will make for some confusing shiiznit.


Normal Person: No outstanding abilities unless listed, has a boring job, never killed someone ever. Starts with scissors. would make a great scout or resource gatherer.

Soldier: Army trained, combat experience, can handle a gun very well but is not great at much else. Starts with handgun. Would make a good anything really.

Medic/Doctor: Has a degree in medicine and surgical studies, does well under pressure, doesnt cope with death well. Starts with small medkit. Makes a good healer and keeps everyone sane.

Gamer: Can handle himself very well, copes with deaths extremely well, no moral when i comes to (zombie) slaying, but is not very fit and cant run very fast. Starts with some food. Would be a good scout or guard for team.  

Sportsman/Sportwoman: runs quick, jumps high and has incredible endurance, but is scared quite easily and isnt very brave, can handle himself when running on pure adrenaline though. Starts with his speed and agility. Makes a great scout. 

Engineer: Can repair almost anything, can make good conversation and is very interesting, but cant handle himself in combat. Starts with wrench and his smarts. Makes a good engineer, big surprise. also helps to keep everyone in check.

Criminal/Prisoner: Good at looting, can handle himself well, but doent care about anything and gets into trouble a lot. Starts with lighter and prison shiv. Not good for much but can kill with no remorse.

After choosing your class, you can add your gender, appearance, name, additional personaltiy traits, strength or build, and other small notable things if you would like.   

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