This blog will just be a place for me to write down any ideas I have for my future RPG's, some of these may never be used while other will, it all depends really. Feedback on my ideas would be very apprecated.

The Final Stand

This will be a combat based RPG just for fun, Im not really sure on this one as the idea may seem a little stupid. But basically here it is, multiple players will RP as soldiers or something of the sort and will need to work together to hold out against an onslaught of enemies. This could be in many different genres, sci fi, modern, medievil, zombies, fantasy, alot of things. Basically it'd be focused on preparing defences, combating enemies and a bit of strategy.

Lost Colony

This one will be based around players setting up colonies on some distant planet or continent. It could be sci fi or fantasy really, just basically it would be the same thing. Going out and exploring, gathering recources, training soldiers, surviving enemy attacks, trading with other peoples colonies, it would be advanced and hard to make but I think it could come off really good if I did it right.


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