aka Paul

  • I live in the jungle
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Writer, Artist
  • I am Male
  • Phineasfan34


    Demetrius: I think 2013 has been great.

    Phineas: Well you've only been alive for a month so...

    Demetrius: I'm just being polite for the camera

    Phineas: Since when did you learn about being polite? I thought you were a grim guy

    Demetrius: What?

    Phineas: Well unfortunately the problem is there isn't any audience

    Demetrius: Oh well

    Phineas: I'm pretty sure Someone was supposed to be on today

    Demetrius: They're busy

    Phineas: How would you know? Your barely a fiction character

    Demetrius: I developed a consciousness

    Phineas: Ha! Yeah right

    Demetrius: no really

    Phineas: But that's not possible

    Demetrius: Yes it is

    Phineas: Well that's your problem then. I thought we were supposed to talk about Christmas


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  • Phineasfan34




    Bucket of red paint.

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  • Phineasfan34


    Name: Wyton Avergen

    Team: Blue


    Speed: 7




    Bucket of blue paint.

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  • Phineasfan34

    Survival Tests

    November 19, 2013 by Phineasfan34

    Once There are at least 5 Players, They will each get about 10 Challenges to earn coins which they can spend on Items in the shop. After the challenges are complete The Players will enter a arena and fight to the death under the watch of Demetrius --->

    No Trolling
    No Invincibility
    No Swearing
    Don't die
    Have fun


    Dagger:(Get 1 free at the beginning) 3 coins

    Throwing knife: 4 coins

    Saxe Knife: 5 coins

    Short sword: 7 coins

    Recurve Bow: 7 coins

    Longbow: 10 coins

    Broadsword: 10 coins

    Longsword: 10 coins

    3 Arrows: 2 coins

    Allies(Unusable in final Battle):

    Swordsman: 9 coins

    Bowman: 9 coins

    Genovesan: 11 coins

    Horse: 10 coins


    Lion Morph Crystal: 20 coins

    Dragon Morph Crystal: 30 coins



    Proffesion: (Sword, Dagger/Knife, Bow, Crystals etc)


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  • Phineasfan34

    This is a Multiplayer game. In this RPG the goal is to Eliminate the other team by killing its members while surviving In The Wilderness and gathering weapons and supplies from Hidden Chests.

    No swearing
    No Ridiculous or Impossible actions
    No invincibility

    Each Player must Choose a Starting kit for his/her character to start off with. There are two teams -Red and Blue- with 3 players each. Once There are 6 Players with their signatures on the sign up sheet and their characters at my talk page, The game will start. Whoever Signs for a Team first is the Leader and Will get a blog page with the team members and kits.

    Attack Example: When you are attacking Something/Someone do this pattern - I Shoot/Slash/Stab (Name of person/animal)s (head,leg…

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