Demetrius: I think 2013 has been great.

Phineas: Well you've only been alive for a month so...

Demetrius: I'm just being polite for the camera

Phineas: Since when did you learn about being polite? I thought you were a grim guy

Demetrius: What?

Phineas: Well unfortunately the problem is there isn't any audience

Demetrius: Oh well

Phineas: I'm pretty sure Someone was supposed to be on today

Demetrius: They're busy

Phineas: How would you know? Your barely a fiction character

Demetrius: I developed a consciousness

Phineas: Ha! Yeah right

Demetrius: no really

Phineas: But that's not possible

Demetrius: Yes it is

Phineas: Well that's your problem then. I thought we were supposed to talk about Christmas

Demetrius: Were we?

Phineas: Yeah look up

  • A large sign hangs reading 'A very Merry Christmas with Phineas and Demetrius'*

Demetrius: eh. There's no audience anyways

Phineas: Well then why are we filming this?

Demetrius: I don't know. You were the one who organized it

Phineas: This is pointless. just turn off the camera

Demetrius: Fine then...

  • End of recording*

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