In the far future of the planet Aurin Coe, is inhabited by five civilizations inhabiting five different timezones: The lawful vaur; the merciless and violent khol; the peaceful nex; the highly-advanced reungh and the hive-minded inge.

Once living in peace, the nations are now in a total war, across the planet and through the ages. Aided by time-travel, the civilizations do battle not only in the present, but in the past and future aswell.

Choose your civilization, and conquer all of Aurin Coe, past, present and future.



Choose from the five civilizations of Aurin Coe, each with their own personal abilities, bonuses, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Vaur. The lawful vaur have week offence against enemy infantry, but cannot be bribed by enemies. They can bribe enemies indefinitely.
  • Khol. The khol have access to advanced weapons and defence, but are extremely poor strategists and are easy to bribe. They can activate an offensive bonus every 5 posts that last 1 post.
  • Nex. The nex value defence above all else, but have moderate offensive capabilities. They can activate an invincibility buff on all units every 20 posts that last for 5 posts.
  • Reungh. The reungh receive no bonuses, but can disable enemy unit movement every 10 posts for a duration of 1 post.
  • Inge. The inge receive a unit-creation bonus and can activate a buff that doubles a selected unit's offensive capability.

You can create your own civs with their own Units, but these will not have bonuses.


Choose a Time period for your civ to fight in. If no one joins you in the same period, the GM will move you to one with atleast 1 other active player.


You can bribe enemies to not attack you, for the right price. You can only bribe every 7 posts and only five times, except for the vaur, who can bribe enemies indefinitely.


Units are defined by the player. A unit cannot be OP, and so it will be decided by the GM if the units listed by the player pre-game are viable.

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