• The Darkwolf

    Hey. My name is The Darkwolf, and I am the chief admin here.

    As you might know, RPGWiki has gone through many a-periods of stagnation. Recently, I proposed an expansion of scope and scale, to include althistory, conworlds and stories. This proposal has been passed, and today we have another vote: for a new name and URL.

    Possible names:

    • Creativity Incarnate (creativity-incarnate.wikia)
    • Imagine Project (imagine-project.wikia)

    In the end both of these are cool sounding (to me). So, vote for one of these two, or create a new name and URL (check if it's available in the create a wiki window first).

    Go ahead. Don't be shy. Comments are awaiting you below.

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  • The Darkwolf

    This is a blog for myself.

    • Complete retheme
    • Make chat skin
    • Complete the guides and the other policy pages
    • get new user base
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  • The Darkwolf

    Wiki Leadership

    February 11, 2014 by The Darkwolf

    Dear users,

    I have handed over wiki leadership to Nikolai Banks.  I myself am no longer a Bureaucrat.  The Wiki council now consists of Psi, programmer, Ork general administrator and Nikolai Banks, Supreme admin.  If any user  abuses his adminship, contact either Niko, or Wikia Staff.

    Goodbye fellow users, please do not be angry at me for this.  It is because I can no longer be active on Wikia because of my own life.

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  • The Darkwolf

    New Wordmark

    December 5, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    As you may have noticed, I've added a new wordmark.  I'm not sure if it fits, but, its better than what was there.  Also, I plan on editing the CSS, however the new 'Special:CSS' is impossible!

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  • The Darkwolf

    Battle Age II

    November 4, 2013 by The Darkwolf

    After many comments on the faults of Battle Age I by MSW and Ork I've decided to start from scratch. I've founded Battle Age Wiki so we have a bit more background story than before aswell.

    The plot is very different than the original and hopefully more interesting..... Caan the Navigator has discovered Perdoran.... The Kingdom of Sarkif wish's to form an empire in Perdoran..... But the Perdoran natives have other ideas... And somehow the Vino have managed to get mixed up in things! Choose your faction cleverly or, DIE!!

    There will be ten levels. You can join the Vino at level three. Each level there will be new classes for each faction.  The name of a class is its name.  The weapon is its starting weapon, Extra Skills are extra skills and Des…

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