The Demonic Wolf King

aka the dead wolf king

  • I live in vex
  • My occupation is being me
  • I am male
  • The Demonic Wolf King

    A Gentle Smile By: The King of Wolves Daniel

    It is calm, kind, loving, and peaceful the smile of a friend or member of your family. If I had a dime for every smile I have reserved that made me feel better I would be the richest man in the world. I love those who give from their hearts and do not expect anything in return. I see the gentle smile as a way to say live in peace and as a way show no harm. BUT if you use this as away to harm or to cause pain it will end badly for you for no one will ever trust your smile and that can kill.

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  • The Demonic Wolf King


    September 23, 2013 by The Demonic Wolf King


    My fear feeds my pain.

    My pain feeds my anger.

    My anger feeds my inner demon.

    But my fear also feeds my hope.

    My hope feeds my love.

    My love feeds my inner angel.

    My soul is cut in two as the world shatters around me.

    The two halves of my heart are nourished by fear. I am a wolf of hope but what is hope without fear. May the being in your hearts be of love, hope and, peace. The animal that you love the most is the being in your heart, the word that you use to describe it is much harder to find. Trust me for I spent many, many moons to fine that I was a wolf of hope, and whether you are a wolf or a deer, a fox or a rabbit, or any of the millions of other creature on this world I hope that the world will not shatter you as it crumbles and f…

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  • The Demonic Wolf King


    September 17, 2013 by The Demonic Wolf King

    Gama is a land that has been ruled man, demon, angel, and animal kinds. However the races are not friendly at all times and war is common. there are four sub-races, and three demon clans. Gama has 8 territories all of which are different. The territories are set not by treaties but by the land itself. The land’s names are in Di-onic (the language of demons) and are listed as fallowed.

    Sinsona (sun and sand.) This is a desert land that eats away at the Torron moutons. Hentona Kinto (or Grand Swamp.) Kinto is humid and hot in the day and cool at night. It is said that at the center of Kinto is a spring that can cure any illness and hex. (Side note, this is one of the only places that Dragon demons live, it is said that they like to be by them…

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  • The Demonic Wolf King

    ==Phantom and Raven By: Demon J. Wolf==

    ==Phantom: *He is walking in the snow.* *He hears a sound and looks in the place that sound came from. He sees a young girl. She had silver hair, a long wolf like tell, pointed ears, yellow eyes, and an old looking dress on.* Raven: *She backs up slowly from the one eyed man with black heir and wearing a long black leather jacket.* Phantom: Do not worry young one I will not hurt you. *He walks over to her slowly.* Raven: *She looks away as he reaches out his hand to her.* Phantom: *He gently moves her hair out of her face.* You are a wolf girl are you not? *He kneels down in front of her.* Raven: *She looks at him, still with fear in her eyes.* Y-yes I am. Phantom: Your okay you are in good hands. *H…

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