==Phantom and Raven By: Demon J. Wolf==

Look back and smile, your life is perfect no matter how many mistakes you make.

==Phantom: *He is walking in the snow.* *He hears a sound and looks in the place that sound came from. He sees a young girl. She had silver hair, a long wolf like tell, pointed ears, yellow eyes, and an old looking dress on.* Raven: <Oh no, He has seen Me.> *She backs up slowly from the one eyed man with black heir and wearing a long black leather jacket.* Phantom: Do not worry young one I will not hurt you. *He walks over to her slowly.* Raven: *She looks away as he reaches out his hand to her.* Phantom: *He gently moves her hair out of her face.* You are a wolf girl are you not? *He kneels down in front of her.* Raven: *She looks at him, still with fear in her eyes.* Y-yes I am. <Please do not hurt me.> Phantom: Your okay you are in good hands. <She is so scared, and I cannot just leave her hear alone. Not like I was all those moons ago.> *He grabs her hand.* Please let me come home with you. Raven: <His hand is so cold.> *She stands still* <Even if he is walking out here without gloves his hand should not get this cold!> Are-are you dead? Phantom: *He lets go of her hand.* You can tell hmm. Well yes and no, I am the living undead, a vampire. Raven: *She slinks back.* Please do not kill me mister vampire please! *She begged her eyes closed and tears flowing.* Phantom: Like I said “I will not hurt you young one”. You are like a flower and I am a wolf we live side by side but I never hurt you and you me. Raven: *She looks at him still scared.* You are just saying that so I will let my guard down. <Man I cannot believe he thinks I am that naïve.> Phantom: Well then if you are that shore I am that evil then here. *He hands her a box.* Raven: *She opens box and inside is a knife.* Phantom: That knife is dipped in holy water. One stab will kill me. Raven: *She looks at the knife and then at Phantom.* Are you sure you want me to have this? Phantom: *He looks at her.* yes. *Then he stands up.* The sun will soon rise, may I stay at your home for the night… or day for you I guess. Raven: <He is so strange but if I say no he may kill me and if I say yes then…> Phantom: *He looks at her in pane as the sun hits his face.* Please. Raven: Okay *She grabs his hand and runs to her den.* Phantom: Thank you. *He runs alongside her.* Raven: *In her den she looks at him.* Are you okay? Phantom: I will be all I need is some sleep and blood. Thank you for your kindness misses… um… I guess I should ask you name? Raven: I am Raven. *She looks away shyly.* Phantom: Raven a lovely name for a wolf girl. Well I am Phantom. *He looks at her and grins.* Raven: Well if there is anything you need just tell me. *She looks at him with concern in her eyes.* Phantom: Go ahead and ask me what you think you want to know, I will answer all your questions to the best of my abilities but you should know I will ask some questions to. Raven: How old are you? Phantom: 17 years physically 1017 in reality. Raven: How did you lose your eye? Phantom: I lost a fight and the winner cut my right eye out as a trophy. Raven: <That is sickening.> Okay um where did you come from. Where is your home? Phantom: I am a stray I have no home or homeland. *He looks down sadly.* Raven: <He has had a sad life.> Okay do you have any loved ones? Phantom: Not anymore. I do not like to talk about that. *He wipes away his tears.* Raven: Okay last question. Would you kill me if given the chants? Phantom: No. *He looks back at her.* if I was going to kill you then you would be dead by now. What is with everyone, and assuming that I will kill them? Do I really look that evil? Raven: <I half to answer but I really do not what to.> Well I guess that people are just scared of blood thirsty creatures, and no you do not I am just scared of something that can drink blood. Phantom: *His whole body tensed up.* Sorry I did not mean to seem so argumentative. Raven: You have the right to say anything you want and ask any question. And no need to apologies. Phantom: How old are you, you look about 17? Raven: That is right. Phantom: Do you have any friends in the area? Raven: No. Phantom: Last question. Are you still scared of me? *He leans in and his eye on hers’.* Raven: A bit but I think I can stand you for at least one day. Phantom: <She is sweet I do not even need to taste her blood to see that.> Well you have the best weapon on your side. That knife will kill me in secants. Raven: <He is an honest man.> Okay then you must be tired, the bed is this way. *She point to a heap of moss and leaves.* Phantom: *He looks around.* Where will you sleep? *He looks back at her.* Raven: This is the time of day I hunt. *She lied.* Phantom: I see, there is only one bed and you are willing to sacrifice your comfort for me. You are a kind girl Raven. Raven: <Am I that obvious?> How did you know? *She looks at him.* Phantom: Sorry I have some old habits that I cannot shake. *He looked at her with I small smile.* Um can I have some privacy. Phantom: *He turned around and takes off his jacket and shirt.* Raven: Look I do not mean to be rude, but are you going to go to sleep or not? *Raven looks away with an embraced look.* Phantom: Yes, but I rely do not need the bed. *He opened his bat like wings and hung from the selling of the cave, then he wrapped himself with his wings.* Raven: <He is a vampire and he acts like a bat, how funny.> *She stretched and lad down on the moss bed.* Are you sure your okay up there? Phantom: *He has already fallen asleep.* Raven: <I guess so.> *She fell asleep as well.* Next Evening Phantom: *He is cleaning his close in a river near the cave’s moth.* <Tonight is a full moon, that means I can see my pray more clearly but that also means that my pray can see me.> Raven: *She walks out of the cave and sees Phantom hunched over with his hands in the water.* What are you doing? Phantom: I am washing my close. *He looks at her over his shoulder.* Raven: I can see that but why are you washing them in cold river water. You will catch your death of cold. *She grabs his arm.* Phantom: *He jerked his arm away.* I am already DEAD remember, *He looks at her and sees a tear.* I am sorry I… Raven: *She ran off tears running down her face.* Phantom: <Phantom you idiot.> *He stands up and runs after her.* Raven: *She stops and looks at the moon.* <I had to let him in to my heart.> *She wipes her tears away. Then she hears Phantom running up.* Go away. Phantom: Look I am sorry I was out of line to yell at you. *He walks up and looks her in the eyes.* Raven: *She slaps him.* I needed to do that, you jerk. Phantom: I disserved that. *He looks away and sees a dear.* Be quiet there is a dear over there. Raven: *She nods and looks over at the deer.* Phantom: *He opens his wings and flies at the deer and slashes its throat.* Forgive me Lord for I have sinned. *He bites and sucks out the deer’s blood.* Raven: *She walks up and bends down.* <Did he just pray to God?> Could you help me move this to our den. Phantom: “Our den?” *He looks back at her.* you mean your den right. Raven: no I mean ours as in yours and mine. *She grins a gentle grin.* That is if you will stay? Phantom: *He laughs.* I finely have a home. *He stand up and hugs her.* Thank you. Raven: Do not get any ideas, you are just a good hunter and well a companion in a lonely world. *She then looks away from him with a red face.* I wish you were wearing a shirt. Phantom: Sorry *He lifted the dear onto his back and starts back to the Den.* < Man even for a dead man like me the air is cold tonight.> Raven: *She looks at his back and sees a tattoo.* <In loving memory of Judy.> Phantom who is Judy? Phantom: *He looks back.* My mom she died when I was young. *A tears started to fall.* Anyway so you have any one in this world? Raven: *She looks down.* Not anymore, I was separated from my pack when I was small. Phantom: <Phantom, you idiot. She just started to like you again and then you ask her something like that, what is wrong with you?> Sorry I did not mean to bring up any bad memories. Raven: You are okay you did not mean anything, and besides I brought up your mom. *She then walked into her home.* Raven: PHANTOM! Phantom: *He dropped the dear and ran in to the den.* What is going on? Raven: Help!! *She is pined by an old and injured wolf.* Phantom: *He grabs the dear and rips off some flesh.* Hay! *The wolf looks up and sees the hunk of meet.* Get out of here. *He then throws the chunk outside. The wolf darts out after an easy meal.* You okay Raven? Raven: Yes I think so, *She looks up at him and sees a crimson tear.* Are you okay? Phantom: Yeah I am fine. *He helps her up.* <Grate now what?> Hay, tell you what I will cook you something, tonight for diner okay. Raven: Okay well then do you need anything? Phantom: Some fire wood and herbs,*He puts on his now dry close and a long brimmed hat.* But I will get them okay. Raven: Okay so what do you want me to do? *She looking at him with glimmering eyes.* Phantom: Just sit back and relax. Raven: But the sun will soon come up and I have seen what can happen to you. *She grabs his arm.* Phantom: *He looks at her.* Listen to that sound and I know that you can smell the rain outside plus I have my hat and jacket. *He walk into the rain.* I will be back soon okay. Raven: *She nods.* Okay but please be careful. Phantom: I always am. *He looks back and smiles.*  ==

== Day of the Vamp == ==Phantom: <Man I love the rain I always relax when I hear, smell, or see the sky cry.> *He walks along side an old dirt road, near a small town.* <Well at least I will be able to get some herbs.> Man: Spear some change for an old man that’s down on his luck.*He holds out a cup.* Phantom: *He drops some coins in to the cup.* Could you tell me which way to the store? Man: *He points to a small building.* Phantom: Thank you. *He walks across the dirt road into the store.* Clerk: Welcome do you need any help finding anything? Phantom: Do you have any spices or herbs? *Phantom asked as he took off his hat.* Clerk: Let me see. What all do you need? Phantom: I will tack one jar of each. *He said as he placed a bag of coins on the counter.* He looks over at a dress in the window.* How much of that dress? Clerk: Two gold coins and the spices will cost five copper. Phantom: Okay thank you *He places three gold coins on the counter.* Have a good day. Clerk: You too. Phantom: *He walks back to the den and sees a carriage outside.* <Great now what.> *He walks up to the cave carefully and see three men, then he enters the cave.* Swordsmen: *One of them pulls a large dagger on him.* How the hell are you. Phantom: Me I am no one just Death. *He grabs his throat and lifts him off the ground.* Swordsmen: *He stabs the dagger into his chest.* Phantom: Trying to kill Death how naïve are you? *He then he throws him out of the cave.* Now the rest of you leave or die.*He looks at them with his one good eye.* Swordsmen:*The other two run as fast as they can out of the cave.* Phantom: Raven you okay? *He looks around.* Raven?! Raven: I am in here. *She pocks her head out of her bed.* Phantom: I got the herbs and a gift for you. *He hands her the dress then he started to cook the dear.* Raven: *She sitting over the pot as the food cooked.* Mm… The stew smells so good Phantom, how much longer tell we can eat? *She said with a longing look in her eyes.* Phantom: Man you are like a dog with a bone. Both: *They start to laugh.* Raven: That is not funny you know. *She is still chuckling under her breth.* Phantom: I know but you still laughed. *He leaned into her then back to the pot.* Alright the stew should be reedy now. *He tastes a spoon full.* Ah delicious, the stew is reedy. Raven: *She licking her lips and hold out a wooden bowl.* Thank you Phantom for the grub. Phantom: *He dishing the pot out between the two of them.* No problem, I feel good knowing that I have more than one use in this deal. *He looks at her with a grin.* Raven: *She looks away with a sad look.* Yeah sorry about that I… Phantom: You do not need to explain yourself. I know that I did not show you all my skills.*He sips on the soupy meal. Then looks at her.* Are you okay Rave? Raven: Yes I *sigh* just have something on my mind. *She eats her soup in silent remorse.* <How do I tell a vampire that I like or even love him.> VanHellsing: *Outside a man yells in to the cave.* Come out demons and fight. Both: <Great now what?> Raven: *She sands up and runs out of the cave before Phantom could stop her.* Who are you and what do you want? *She screams.* Phantom: <The sun has not set yet. Just go down now!> *He walks out and sees Raven in the snow.* Leave her alone, I am the one you want not her.*He stand in the caves entrains as the sun sets.* Raven: *muffled* Phantom… n-no… VanHellsing: well if it is not the vampire whose eye I stole.*He grins and looks at his men.* Okay let the wolf go and get the bat. Men:*They leave the wolf girl on the ground and grab Phantom.* VanHellsing: *When Phantom was chained he looked at the girl.* Grab her too, no need to leave a monster in the woods to kill anyone. Phantom: *He jumps up and tries to get free.* You evil... VanHellsing: I am evil? No my dear man you and that thing are evil. *He looks back at him.* I am the good guy you are the villains. *He then starts to laugh at him.* Do not worry you and the girl can still be friends, until I decide to kill you. Phantom: If I am to die then I will but till then I will not let you lay a single finger on her. *He looks at his feet as he now hangs in VanHellsing’s wagon.* Phantom: <This lunatic has chased me for the last 1000 years.> *He looks down at Raven, then breaks the chains and grabs her.* I cannot let her suffer the same fate that I have. *He looks VanHellsing in the eyes.* Phantom: I hope that God can forgive you for your misdeeds, *He starts to walk away, but then he looks back.* And VanHellsing, I am not evil. *He then disappears in too a heavy snow fall.*   Blood on the Snow Raven:*She sits up in an old bed and looks around.* Where are we? Phantom: *He looking out the window.* An old cabin 30 miles from your den. *He looks over at her.* Are you okay, that guy hit you parity hard? Raven: Thank you Phantom for saving me from that monster. *She stats to hug her knees, and cry.* Phantom: *He walks over to her and holds her close.* Shh-shh shhh you are okay no one will hurt you now. Raven: *She is still crying.* I was so scared. Phantom: Shh I know you are okay let out the tears. *He feels the warmth of her body and her heartbeat. Then Phantom starts to cry to.* Phantom< Why can I not even protect the ones I love.> *He looks back at her.* There do you feel better after that? Raven: Yeah, *She hugs him for a secant, then she let go as if she was forbidden to even see him.* Sorry I… Phantom: I know that you are just afraid, and I… Raven: I love you Phantom. *She looks away, blushing.* Phantom: *He looks at her with a calm look.* I…Lowed bang at the door.* <i am so hungry.>Phantom: Shh… Raven:*She nods.* VanHellsing: Kill the vamp but I want the girl alive, understood. Men: Yes sir. Phantom: *He moves in front of her and stands his ground.* Men: *He stabs him in the chest and arm, and grab Raven.* Phantom: *He coughs up blood and fell to the floor.* Raven… I… Raven: *She looks at him as she is dragged away.* PHANTOM *Under her breath.* No. Phantom: *He stands up two hours later and looks out a window. He see the old wolf.* Now what? Wolf: *He moves his head as if he wants Phantom to fallow.* Phantom: *He walks out and sees tracks in the snow.* Good wolf thank you. *He follows the wolf and tracks.* VanHellsing: Well young girl welcome to your new home.*He throws her in a cage with three other mythens.* Daniel: hay welcome to Hell. *He then stands up to help her.* I am Daniel, a werewolf, that is Amy, *Points to over to an Arachne.* Amy: Hello there lil ‘one. Daniel: That is Fang. *Points to a cat folr.* Fang: *He is playing a harmonica then stops.* Hay. *Then he starts to play again.* Vex: Stow it Daniel, I doubt she will live that long. Daniel: And that is Vex the succubus. Raven: *She looks at them all.* What do you mean by that, Vex? Daniel: This is a blood sport. VanHellsing pits use ageist each other in a fight to the death. Raven: *She looks at the strange kid with a scare a cross the bridge of his nowes.* That is horrible. Amy: *She waves a hammock from her thread.* Here you will need your straight for tomorrow. Raven:*She looks at the large spider with the upper body of a girl.* Thank you. Amy: *She hangs it up.* No problem. Raven: Hay, um… did any of you know Phantom? *She looked around the room.* Fang: Phantom the vamp?! *He asked as his harmonica hit the floor.* Raven: Yes’ you knew him. Amy: I made his eye patch. Vex: I gave him that jacket. Daniel: I gave him that tat of his mom. Fang: And I gave him his freedom. Raven: *She looks at them all.* So you where friends with him? All: *They all nod.* Phantom: <OH NO!! Not the Coliseum.> *Runs faster.*VanHellsing, I will kill you if she gets hurt. VanHellsing: Keep an eye out for Phantom, if what you say is true he might not be dead. *He looks at his men.* Phantom: *He stealthily moves past the guards to the holding cells, cutting locks on doors, and chains on ankles and hands.* Phantom: *He sees and caches a guard and asks him a question.* Where is the wolf girl? Guard: *He points to a door.* Phantom: Thank you. *He then slams the guard’s head into a wall and knocks him out.* Raven: Phantom over hear. *She waves her hand out the cage wall.* Phantom: *He cuts the cage and lets them out.* you okay Raven? *His eye forces only on her.* Vex: *Mocking.* Hay guys long time no see. Thanks Phantom. Daniel: Vex there is something that I have wanted to say for a long time. Vex: And that is? Daniel: Shut the hell up.*He walks over to Amy.* VanHellsing: Phantom, the demon’s slave welcome to the fight for your life. *Then he laughs evilly.* Phantom: Drop dead you peace of… Raven:*She grabs his left Arm.* He is baiting you. If you fall for his trap, there is no telling what will happen. Phantom: Raven, *He put his hands on her shoulders and looks at her sharply.* If I do not fight him then he will keep coming after us, we will never be safe from that head case. Phantom: I cannot ask the one I love to spend the rest of her life like that.*He lets go of her arms* I will end him quick okay. Amy looks after Raven for me okay. Amy: No problem.*She pick her up.* VanHellsing: Phantom are you going to fight me or not, demon boy. Phantom: *He walks up. He then closed his eyes as a long shadow like sword appeared on his back.* Like I said VanHellsing drop dead. VanHellsing: *He takes off his jacket and pulls out a sword.* I will not die that easily. Phantom: <His silver sword huh, he must think I am going to kill him.> Why so serious Hellsing. VanHellsing: *He charges at Phantom. Swinging at his neck.* Phantom: *He dodges and deflects* Come on VanHellsing at least try to hit me. *He then unsheathes his sword.* VanHellsing: Die you unholy spawn of a demon, DIE.*He trying to force the blade to Phantom’s head.* Phantom: *He kicks him in the stomach and sends him back words.* I’m unholy? Look who is talking. I draw the line at killing innocent women and children, all for glory among my own kind. Phantom: *He steps on VanHellsing’s right arm and chest.* I will let you pray for forgiveness before I kill you. VanHellsing: Just kill me you demon. Phantom: I thought that you where the demon hunter not an imposter. The real VanHellsing would take this opportunity to pray to our father. Phantom: *He thrust the sword into his throat.* Father forgive, me for I have sinned. *He lets go of the shadow blade. As Phantom walks away the blade’s shape fades and slithers in the air to the sheath.* Raven: *She runs up to him and hugs him. Then slaps him up side his head.* Do not do that again. Phantom: There is something I need to say. *He gently grabs her hands.* Raven I love you. Raven: I love you too Phantom. *She looks up in to his eye.* Both: *Lean in for a kiss.*   Three Years Later Demon J. Wolf: Phantom and Raven have a son named Samuel. Amy and Daniel are happily married and expecting their first child. Vex has disappeared but Fang still tries to stay in touch with his ex-cellmates. As for my last word of wisdom for now, “A wolf will attack you if you show fear, so be like me show how fearsome you can be when you’re afraid."

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