My fear feeds my pain.

My pain feeds my anger.

My anger feeds my inner demon.

But my fear also feeds my hope.

My hope feeds my love.

My love feeds my inner angel.

My soul is cut in two as the world shatters around me.

The two halves of my heart are nourished by fear. I am a wolf of hope but what is hope without fear. May the being in your hearts be of love, hope and, peace. The animal that you love the most is the being in your heart, the word that you use to describe it is much harder to find. Trust me for I spent many, many moons to fine that I was a wolf of hope, and whether you are a wolf or a deer, a fox or a rabbit, or any of the millions of other creature on this world I hope that the world will not shatter you as it crumbles and falls all around you. So I say to you when the world shatters around you what do you feed.

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